Bespoke Musical composition and production specialising in Folk/Country, Ambient/Electronica and Beats/Breaks.

Stuart Cullen’s music has been extensively licensed for use in Film and TV worldwide, as well as appearing in many Ad campaigns. He has also written original soundtracks for various documentary films and works closely with Bantam Films on their myriad art and commercial projects as well as providing pieces for the recent Domino Publishing/Sony folk library collection.

Listen to a selection of Soundtrack and Sync works on Soundcloud.

Ford Fusion - Go Further
Puma King - Made in Italy
National Geographic - Departures
Bantam Films - Trot

Other Work

Bantam Films 2017
Tradition: The Rise Of A Gracie Fighter
BBC UK 2004-2017
Gardener's World, Countryfile & various others
Channel 4 UK 2016
What Britain Buys
Lumea/Elle 2014
Online Campaign
Redhead Film 2012
One More Day To Go
TV5 France 2010
10 mai 1981, le roman d'une victoire


Channel 4 UK 2008
Poppy Shakespeare
Showtime US 2004
Queer As Folk
Feature Film Brazil 2003
O Homem Del Ano
One2One Mobile UK 2002
Mobile Phone Campaign
Channel 4 UK 2001
Derren Brown Mind Control

Stuart has been releasing records in various guises since 1996. A fairly extensive discography is available here.

Primarily under the Pilote pseudonym, Stuart has remixed tracks for Fujiya and Miyagi, Turin Brakes, Fiona Soe Paing and A Lazarus Soul amongst many others down the years. Here’s his take on the art of the remix:

I never go in for the 'add a beat and a bassline' approach, I’m always looking to create a brand new track, which can be inspired by a the merest snippet of an original tune. It’s often the case that no part of the artist's track makes it to the final mixdown, but they get something brand new and unique.

Listen to some of the more recent work on Soundcloud.

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